Teppei Kuramoto – Dancer

Dear Sioned,
Hello. I’m Pe. Rikuzentakata is hot? How are deer doing? Here is hot. There is a place about 15 minutes distance by train from my house, where many deer are living. Please come to my place too.
Anyway I was asked from you to write something about experience of Rikuzentakata, if I write by computer I would feel like writing report for school and afraid that it might be too formal, so I decided to write a letter, it’s almost for the first time in few years. Here I try to pick up some of that I surprised in Rikuzentakata.
*Building of city office was prefab.
*The ground as nothing left by tsunami is going to be reborn by human.
*It must be enormous that the things people lost by sea, however there are still people who want to live there.
*Your house was such a gorgeous house.
*The unexpected thing staying golden week together with Zan-san.
*Garment of Shishi-Odori was so beautiful.
*Movement of Nakadachi Nobu-san in dance was so special.
*How quickly Kakinaisawa Shishi-Odori group drink at the party, and their dialect is completely incomprehensible to me.
*All local performances in the festival were awesome.
*Even young people joined festival.
*All of women, wide range of age small children to grandmothers, danced together with AKB song, and the choreograph was same as the original.
* Sound, rhythm and voice of Shishi-Odori was comfortable to me.
*Sugawara-san was super powerful.

I could pick up lots just a second as I tried. Now just retrieved Home-for-All on internet, it will be broken down from August 16 (I’m writing this letter on 17th) , but also internet page mentioned that rebuild it. I have to go again.
It’s kind of wonder such a region like Sumita, which is for even Japanese not popular place, but you are working with traditional dance in it. But when I saw you with them, some of belonging to you, skin or atmosphere or whatever, seems to suit the place and people of Kakinaisawa. Of course at the beginning there was difficult time, I guess. Now you seem like dancing with them totally natural, for Japanese in the situation only few people joining traditional dance at each area, I think I was lucky because I could feel that a stereotypical image of that only local people can get passed the tradition is wrong and nowadays any people are able to get passed the tradition, even you are foreigner. To make the environment where everyone can dance together might be basis of dance. Kakinaisawa Shishi-Odori generated the environment (or rather than generated, it has been created already) might be one of rare place you can see basis of dance, keeping original.
Now I have only 2 sheets of this letter, so I’m gonna finish around then. See you soon.

Best wishes,
From Pe
17 August, 2016

拝啓 ショーネッド様