Taichi Yamagata – Director, play writer, choreographer, actor, & dancer.

I was born 1979, Yokohama, Tsurumi, over there, near the sea, factory area export and import and lived in a house which was also small store for flower decoration; with grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, father’s younger sister and my twin brother, not from same egg.

First memory

Changing clothes, me red, brother blue, different clothes; afterwards I wear blue and red, nice feeling red and blue together; my first memory clothes red and blue.

There was a small roof I could go out on to, Japanese yane, roof, yane kawara, there I liked to be. When I was small I was so shy, sometimes so red, I couldn’t speak so much, liked to be alone plus cat.

Traditional Matsuri – Festival

Grandmother danced Nihon Buyo, sometimes went together to Matsuri, can’t remember so much. Father sister is ballerina, when I was small I saw, thought it was boring, not free, can do more myself.