Natsuko Tezuka – Choreographer and Dancer

I was born in 1970, Yokohama; and lived in small apartment with my mother and father, both architects; great grandmother and grandmother lived in old houses nearby. After father and mother destroyed an old house and built new one on same ground, we five people lived together including grandmother and great grandmother. Children we played together outside tag – play four children, friends.

First memory

Nursery school – entrance space, big glass, bird alive, can not touch, inside glass like a peacock, felt scared, bird little high jump ‘yah yah’ like peacock sound, it was a pheasant.

Interested but scared – two, three or four years old.


No Obon memory.

Grandmother room had family Buddhist alter, open, two candles, picture, bell dish, sound made, incense. She became Christian when grandfather was sick and after he died from his illness, she started to work to help the household economy.

No custom to pray, I don’t belong to any religion but I don’t think myself like father, completely non-believer.

Father non-believer.