Megumi Kamimura – Choreographer and Dancer

I was born in 1977, Saitama, Soka City, next to Tokyo, I have one older brother, both my parents were teachers they commuted every day to Tokyo. The first house was ‘dan-chi’, old apartment building ‘dan-chi’ is kind of the symbol of 60’s, many, at the time the economy was growing up, people were having hopes, many buildings in a big area, same style, and same shape.

First memory

Upside down turning, turning around a pole, when you hang over a pole with your stomach under, I had strange feeling when I was doing that, head upside down and after when I was teenager I remembered that action, and that I was saying “it feels like a baby”; maybe when you are really young in the womb you are upside down, in a small shape, I think child remembers that, it’s really complicated feeling, that upside down turning.

Obon (festival of the dead)

Because the town where I lived was a commuter’s town, many new comers, we had festivals, but it didn’t have that kind of feeling, really being a part of a community. I didn’t have any chance to learn anything traditional.